the Kingdom of Sauna and the Whitefish


Midsummer celebrations
Swedish Midsummer

Celebrate Midsummer at Beautiful Kukkolaforsen

Celebrate midsummer at Kukkolaforsen with traditional ring games, competitions, and a fantastic midsummer buffet. Welcome to an unforgettable summer!

winter activities: 1h

Whitefish grilling in the timberhut

At Kukkolaforsen we have a very special way to prepare and eat our whitefish. We grill it over an open fire. Join us and grill your whitefish over an open fire. Eat, enjoy and wash it down with a beer or  some water. Sit around the crackling fire in the timber smoke hut and listen to our local fishermen telling truthful and not so truthful stories about the life by the river. Such an unforgettable memory does not get any easier than this.

“Food was very delicious and service was extremely good. I will visit again and take my whole family with me.”
- Heidi Launonen



Experience tranquility by the Torne River! Choose from our varied lodgings—hotel rooms, cottage apartments, or suites—all boasting stunning river views. Sauna access included, embracing the essence of Torne Valley's nature, ambiance, and culture.


Discover our diverse cottage options, from cozy cabins to spacious apartments, all offering sauna access. Whether it's a family getaway or a romantic escape, find your perfect retreat with us.


Immerse in scenic riverside camping, enjoy saunas, culinary delights, and year-round adventures in nature's lap. Welcome to a memorable camping experience!

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Huskie dog on the run


Kukkolaforsen offers diverse seasonal activities, blending adventure, knowledge, and personalized engagement for all ages.


Sauna experiences in Swedish Lapland's natural embrace. Dive into sauna culture, history, and varied offerings amidst serene landscapes.

Riverside Restaurant

Indulge in our Riverside Restaurant's culinary fusion! From local flavors to global influences, experience diverse menus amid Torne Valley's stunning vistas.