Commitment to a Better Future

A Wholehearted Commitment to a Better Future

At Kukkolaforsen, sustainability isn’t just a trendy phrase; it’s a lifestyle and heritage ingrained in every aspect of our operation. We base our work on the Brundtland Commission’s definition of social sustainability, aiming to meet today’s needs without compromising opportunities for future generations. Additionally, the UN’s global goals for sustainable development are a key reference point for us as we shape our sustainability strategy. We’re not just striving for economic success today but also to hand over a thriving and prosperous business to future generations. To achieve this, we’ve divided our sustainability efforts into three main areas: economic, social, and ecological sustainability. This strategy isn’t just a wish but practical guidance we follow in our daily work.

Economic sustainability

is foundational for our operation. We ensure economic responsibility by working resourcefully, following laws, and regulations, and maintaining good relationships with our suppliers. By securing our financial position today, we can guarantee stability and reliability for both our owners and customers tomorrow.

Social sustainability

is a crucial part of our identity. We believe in diversity, equality, and inclusion, actively working to create a welcoming and respectful workplace. We don’t tolerate discrimination or harassment and strive to be a role model for social justice and equality.

Ecological sustainability

is inherent for us, especially considering the unique natural environment we’re part of. We take our responsibility to preserve and protect the environment seriously. By using renewable energy, reducing our ecological footprint, and promoting biodiversity, we work to ensure that our operation is not just a part of nature but also its protector.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We strive to be a positive force in our local community by supporting local associations, employing local residents, and collaborating with other businesses and organizations in the area. We see it as our duty to contribute to the sustainable development of our society to ensure a bright future for all.

Additionally, we’re committed to spreading knowledge and awareness about sustainability both within our operation and to our guests. We believe that education and awareness are the keys to change and strive to be a resource for both current and future generations striving for a more sustainable future. At Kukkolaforsen, sustainability isn’t just a strategy; it’s our passion and vision for the future. We’re determined to do our part to leave a world that’s better and more sustainable than the one we inherited.

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Harmonizing Global and Local

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy resonates with ‘think global, act local.’ Amidst this breathtaking setting, embracing the allure of nature humbles us. The resounding melody of the majestic rapids captivates—ever-present, an intrinsic part of the whole. Take a moment, pause, and listen. Consider the millennia-old river and its prodigious currents—a lavish endowment from Mother Nature, generously gifting invaluable resources to this day. Admire the scenic spectacle of the foaming river, meandering toward the Bay of Bothnia, framing Kukkolaforsen between Sweden and Finland.

Then there are the fishermen, the whitefish, and the salmon. And the traditions, cuisine, and the bliss of sauna baths, are all deeply rooted in reverence for the river. For us, embracing the local holds paramount significance, entwined with global influences that significantly impact us.”

The fusion of local intricacies and global dynamics shapes our ethos, evoking reverence for regional treasures while acknowledging the impact of the wider world.

“Balancing the local and the global remains integral to our identity. We draw strength from our regional ethos while embracing global impacts” emphasizes our commitment to sustainability, tradition, and adaptation to changing influences.”

Cultural history

The storie of the village

Our history stretches far back and is very important to us. The history of Tornedal and Kukkolaforsen cannot be told without talking about the people, the fishing culture and the River. The rich, powerful river was and is a natural part of life and livelihood.

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