Arctic Sauna Conference

Welcome to an unforgettable Arctic Sauna Conference at Kukkolaforsen.


Indulge in the extraordinary Arctic Sauna Conference at Kukkolaforsen, where business meets tranquility amidst nature’s beauty. Embrace the Torne Valley culture and its rich sauna traditions while conducting conferences by the powerful Kukkola rapids.

Hot-tub i solnedgång

Arctic Sauna Meeting

Our venue offers a distinctive experience, allowing you to blend corporate gatherings seamlessly with relaxation. Throughout the year, the Arctic Sauna meeting captures the essence of Kukkolaforsen and the Torne Valley district. Picture yourself amidst the roaring rapids, combining formal discussions with an atmosphere of ease and rejuvenation.

Choose from a variety of saunas, including hot tubs, smoke sauna, or the unique greenhouse sauna, creating an unforgettable conference ambiance. Our array of sauna options allows customization for your entire evening, each facility accompanied by a relaxation room. Delight in cold beverages, savory snacks, or our exclusive sauna buffet between sessions.

Accommodating gatherings from 10 to 200 attendees, our sauna facilities cater to both conferences and private groups. Experience the perfect synergy of business and relaxation, embracing the Arctic Sauna Meeting, a Conference at Kukkolaforsen.

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