The establishment at Kukkolaforsen continually evolves, a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit. Accommodating varied preferences and seasonal shifts, the restaurant, camping grounds, and accommodations have undergone transformative renovations. Martin emphasizes their focus on enhancing dining experiences, forging partnerships, and broadening regional activities, leveraging the unique setting by the river’s edge.

Their blend of perspectives and expertise enriches their vision. Martin’s outlook from growing up in the South of Sweden and Johannah’s ingrained familiarity with the local history complement each other, resulting in a dynamic partnership. Mathias, with extensive experience in hospitality across different locales, contributes significantly, aligning with their shared commitment to elevating Kukkolaforsen’s essence.

Svante and Margit Spolander, revered entrepreneurs of the past generation, remain influential figures, guiding the family in preserving traditions while embracing progress. Their legacy is not just about managing an ancestral business; it’s about honoring heritage while evolving to cater to evolving guest needs.