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Crafting an Unforgettable Lapland Adventure

Discover Kukkolaforsen’s charm

Let Kukkolaforsen’s tranquility, sauna serenity, Lapland’s allure, and the enchantment of Arctic Europe guide your journey. These expert tips will help you create unforgettable moments during your Lapland holiday, memories that will stay with you forever.

A Lapland holiday is an immersion into a natural wonderland, offering a magical escape for adventurers seeking extraordinary experiences. These expert tips are designed to elevate your journey through Lapland’s mesmerizing landscapes, the allure of Kukkolaforsen, the sauna traditions, and the unique charms of Swedish and Finnish Lapland, creating an exceptional holiday.

  • Kukkolaforsen’s Tranquility: Discover the serene beauty of Kukkolaforsen along the Torne River, a haven for unwinding amidst Lapland’s natural wonders.
  • Sauna Indulgence: Embrace the Finnish sauna culture for pure relaxation and rejuvenation, an essential part of the Lapland experience.
  • Exploring Lapland’s Charms: Immerse yourself in the unique offerings of both Swedish and Finnish Lapland, each with its distinct allure and cultural heritage.
  • Arctic Europe’s Gateway: Lapland opens the door to Arctic Europe’s unparalleled beauty and diverse activities, promising an adventure like no other.
  • Curating Your Adventure: Blend experiences by combining tranquil moments with the vibrancy of Lapland’s culture and adventure.
  • Luxurious Northern Lights Experience: Select accommodation that complements Lapland’s enchantment, offering cozy experiences while awaiting the mesmerizing Northern Lights.
  • Savoring Lapland’s Flavors: Delight in Lapland’s diverse culinary offerings, from traditional dishes to unique specialties, reflecting the region’s rich diversity.
  • Strategic Planning: Stay informed about weather conditions to plan your activities wisely, ensuring a tailored experience.
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Winter activities

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Dinner on the river

Dinner on the River

Experience the closeness of the water and the roaring river. The swirling currents of the Kukkola Rapids are as close as you can get.
Safari på isbrytaren Polar Explorer
ice breaker safari Polar Explorer

Icebreaker Cruise Experience

Icebreaker cruise and swimming in icy Arctic sea is only a beginning of your adventure. Enhance your arctic experience

Open Fire-Grilled Whitefish Feast

Savor the taste of freshly grilled whitefish by the river, accompanied by local stories and a cozy ambiance. Book your spot for an unforgettable dining adventure!

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Experience tranquility by the Torne River! Choose from our varied lodgings—hotel rooms, cottage apartments, or suites—all boasting stunning river views. Sauna access included, embracing the essence of Torne Valley's nature, ambiance, and culture.
Stay at Kukkolaforsen


We offer various accommodation options, each with stunning views of the Torne River and our neighboring Finland in Swedish Lapland. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while staying with us.

Riverside Restaurant

Indulge in our Riverside Restaurant's culinary fusion! From local flavors to global influences, experience diverse menus amid Torne Valley's stunning vistas.