Icebreaker safari

Imagine a vast, white and storm-free sea. Endless white expanses as far as the eye can see. Listen to the dramatic sound of ice cracking and ice blocks breaking.

Included: Ice bath with a survival suit
Duration: 5 h with transfer.
Difficulty level: Easy.
Optional: Bookable activity during your stay during the Winter week

Breaking the Ice

Kukkolaforsen offers a 5-hour arctic experience with the Polar Explorer Icebreaker including an icy water swim, an effortless floating adventure in a dry survival suit. Enjoy a 3-hour icy cruise in the frozen water of the Bothnian Sea in Lapland. During the 3-hour cruise, you will witness the massive ice-breaking power of the vessel, and have a guided tour all the way down to the engine rooms and up to the Captain’s bridge.

Audio-tour and certificate

The tour is available in 16 languages via an audio guide application and includes an 11-minute movie in the icebreaker cinema about icebreakers all over the world. You can relax in the cozy saloon, enjoying warm juice, or go for a walk on the frozen sea ice during the stop. The icebreaker makes a pool free of ice and every visitor can take a swim in the dark icy water in a flotation survival suit. The captain will present a Cruise & Swim Certificate to everyone as a memorable gift.


Ship details:

  • Built: 1976, fully rebuilt in 1991
  • Number of passengers: 199
  • Length: 78 m
  • Width: 14 m
  • Draught: 5.22 m
  • Gross weight: gross 1976 mt, net 593 mt
  • Engine: 2 X MAK 8M551AK, 9460 hp
  • Class: 1A

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