We have a range of different types of Cottages

Experience ultimate comfort with over 100 beds and exclusive sauna access during your stay. Discover diverse cottages, from 4-person luxurious standards to cozy 2-person summer retreats. Choose from apartment-style cottages, cozy ones for pairs, or camping options with extra beds and tailored services

Some of our holiday apartments are adapted for people with disabilities.

Some allow dogs for a fee, while others are allergy-friendly.

Our Cottages

Cottage Apartment with Service

Comfortable Riverside Hotel Cabins overlooking the rapids of Kukkolaforsen from the livingroom

2-bed Cottage

2-bed cabins close to nature and the rushing rapids

Camping Cabins

The camping cabins are our most basic cabins and have two beds with access to the service centre.

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Huskie dog on the run


Kukkolaforsen offers diverse seasonal activities, blending adventure, knowledge, and personalized engagement for all ages.


Sauna experiences in Swedish Lapland's natural embrace. Dive into sauna culture, history, and varied offerings amidst serene landscapes.

Riverside Restaurant

Indulge in our Riverside Restaurant's culinary fusion! From local flavors to global influences, experience diverse menus amid Torne Valley's stunning vistas.