Finnish ”Coffee cheese” with cloudberries
Taste tray
Kukkola crispbread
Kukkola tapas
The house truffles: lingonberry, cognac & cloudberries
Kukkolaforsen Restaurant
Grilled fillet of beef with redwine sauce, potato terrine á la Västerbotten, cauliflower purée & lemonbraised vegetables.
Sparkling wine with rhubarb
Margit & Johannah
Whitefish sallad and whitefish roe


The drinks are a suggestion, that will suite good for the menu.

Kukkolatapas: Whitefish salad on lingonberry loaf, porter marinated gravlax, smoked reindeer heart & cognac smoked elk filet
drink: 2012 Grythyttan Björk, Sverige
Dopp i kopp: New potatoes, onion, chive, smoked västerbotten cheese, smoked whitefish & gravad lax
drink: 2015 Hofer Gruner Veltliner, Weinviertel, Österrike
Finnish ”Coffee cheese” with cloudberries
drink: Grythyttans hjortron, Sweden
Coffee and homemade cookie
Price: 520:-
Wine package: 285:


Sparkle wine with Ruby, Rhubarb liqueur
Västerbottencheesecake with smoked reindeer & reindeer sausage and lingonberry vinaigrette
drink: 2015, Frontera Chardonnay, Concha y Toro, Maipo,Chile
Tornedal’s salmon with white wine sauce and roots LG
drink: 2012, Wente Beyer Ranch Zinfandel, Livermore Valley, USA
Blueberry Pie with rhubarb-ginger ice cream
drink: Spumante Bianco Dolce Magia Fiore NV, Veneto, Italien
Price: 460:-
Wine package: 380:-

Kukkolatapas: Whitefishsalad on lingonberryloaf, portermarinated gravlax, smoked reindeerheart & cognacsmoked elkfileet 155:-
Kukkolas herringplate: herbherring, garlicherring, lingonberryherring, Västerbottencheese & boiled potatoes 120:- LG
with quail egg, capris & dillBlueberrysmoked 135:- LG
Västerbottencheesecake with smoked reindeer, reindeersausage and lingonberry vinaigrette 135: L

Feta Cheesesalad with olives half/full 65:-/95:-


Smoked whitefish, boiled potatoes, hearbspiced rybsoil from Kukkola  sour creme sauce 210:- LG
Dopp i kopp with new potatoes, onion, chive, smoked rökt västerbottencheese, smoked whitefish & gravad lax 210:- LL G
Tornedal’s salmon with white wine sauce and roots LG
Fillet of elk with redwinesauce, hazel back potato & roasted vegetables 395:- LG
Reindeer, lingonberry & pommes duchesse 195:- LG
Vegetarian mushroom risotto with grilled fennel 155:- LG


Salmonpizza: pepperootcreme, cold smoked salmon, mozzarella, cheddar & arugula 95:-
Suovaspizza: tomatosauce, mushrooms, suovas, mozzarella, cheddar 95:-
Hampizza: tomatosauce, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella, cheddar 95:-
Kukkolaburger with cheddar: Cucumber- and wasabi mayonnaise & root vegetable chips 145:-

Snapstray: pickled cucumber with honey, smetana dip and your choice of snaps (5cl) 145:-
Taste tray: Skambracheese from Jokkmokk, smoked Västerbottencheese, soukismoked reindeer and reindeer sausage from Soukolojärvi.

Whitefish salad and whitefish roe 110:-
Marinated salmon (gravad lax) with mustard sauce 95:-
Cheese & ham 55:-

Pancakes 3/6 with whipped cream and raspberry jam 55:-/85:-
Meatballs 6/12 with potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry 60:-/95:-
Dopp-i-kopp Smoked whitefish with traditional butter cup 75:-

Vanilla pannacotta with rhubarb/strawberryconsomé 95:-
Blueberry pie with rhubarb- ginger ice cream 95:-
Finnish ”Coffee cheese” with cloudberries 145:-
Truffles of the house: lingonberry, cognac & cloudberries 45:-

Coffee drinks 4 cl. 109:-
Drinks 4 cl. 89:-
Drinks 6 cl. 110:-