Swedish Midsummer

Celebrate Midsummer at Beautiful Kukkolaforsen

Midsummer party at Kukkolaforsen

Origin: The Viking Age
For whom? The whole family
Enjoy: Swedish tradition and culture

Midsummer Celebration in Sweden

Midsummer is one of Sweden’s most beloved and traditional holidays, celebrated to welcome summer and the light after the long winter. Families and friends gather to dance around the maypole, enjoy delicious food and drinks, and spend time outdoors in nature. The maypole is decorated with leaves, flowers, ribbons, and small flags, symbolizing nature’s return to life.

The celebration has roots in pagan rituals that honor the summer solstice and the awakening of nature. Over time, these rituals became part of Christian traditions and an important part of Swedish culture. Today, Midsummer is a national holiday and one of the most popular festivities in Sweden. It is a time for joy, community, and honoring Swedish traditions.

Midsummer celebrations at Kukkolaforsen 21 June 2024

Celebrate traditional Swedish midsummer with us! We offer a range of activities for the whole family, including midsummer pole, ring games, and competitions.

4:00 PM: Decorating the midsummer pole with flowers

4:00 PM: Face painting with HappyFaces

5:00 PM: We help each other raise the midsummer pole

5:00 PM: Ring games and competitions for all ages

Midsummer Buffet 21 & 22 June
To secure a spot, please book a table.
Sittings are at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm.


Beach Café and Summer Kiosk
Enjoy ice cream, bubble waffles, burgers, and more at our summer kiosk. Open daily:

– Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

– Sunday: 11am-4pm

Outdoor Worship Service at the Rapids – June 23 at 11:00 AM,

Haparanda parish holds an outdoor worship service at the rapids. Bus arranged from Haparanda.

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