Apartment cottages by the river
Apartment cottage
Camping cottage - shower and bathroom in the servicehouse
Appartment cottage

We offer various types of accommodation at different price levels. We have everything from hotel standard to self-catering. There are in total 100 beds and when you stay with us you will always have access to the sauna. The accommodation is divided into apartment cottages, cottages and camping cottages.

Apartment cottages

Our apartment cottages are 3*** hotel standard. They have a 36 m², total area, have two bedrooms with two beds in each. In the living room, you will find a sofa which can be used as a bed as well. In the living room, you will also find a dining area and a small fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, TV and radio alarm clock. The bathroom includes a shower and a hairdryer.

All apartment cottages are beautifully situated along the banks with a view to the Torne River and Finland on the other side. Read more>>


our cottages consist of one room with 2 beds ( 2 bunk beds) all in an area of 18 m². They have a fully equipped small kitchen with a refrigerator and a bathroom with shower. TV is also available.

The cottages are nicely located near the rushing rapids. And of course, you have access to our sauna too. Read more>>

Camping cottages

The camping cottage is our simplest cottage and it has two beds. There are a small fridge and a hob you can use if you bring your own cooking equipment. Close to the cottage, you will find our services building which is possible to use. It has bathrooms, showers, and kitchen. The camping cottages are closed in winter. Size: 12 m². Read more>>