Are you a group of people who want to go out to eat, a company that is going to graduate, or a team of teachers who want to do something extra before summer vacation? Then we can offer you a group menu that is suitable for everything from smaller to larger parties. The raw materials are taken from the large pantry that is around the corner. Everything is prepared in the best way so that the flavors of Norrland and Tornedal come into their own. Our menu naturally varies depending on the season. Please contact us if you have questions about allergies or special diets. Read more and call us for more information about menus. We can proudly say that we have really good food with a local flavor.

Group menu:

We look forward to receiving your reservation at least 7 days in advance. The price requires the group to order the same dishes (min. 10 persons).


All lunch offers include Salad, homemade bread, and coffee.
Salmon soup á la Kukkola.
Whitefish gratin: Smoked whitefish with gratin sauce, cheese, and potatoes.
Smoked whitefish from Kukkola with sour cream sauce and potatoes.
Kukkola plate: Whitefish salad with whitefish roe, cured salmon with mustard sauce, smoked reindeer steak with horseradish cream, cured whitefish, and potatoes.
Oven-baked salmon on a bed of root vegetables with sour cream and potatoes.
Creamy sautéed reindeer
with lingonberries and potatoes.
Meatloaf with green pepper sauce and potatoes


Sparkling wine
Liqueur and sparkling wine 

Mushroom soup
Reindeer meat soup with pearl barley
Whitefish salad with whitefish roe
Kukkola Tapas: Whitefish salad on flatbread, cured whitefish on lingonberry bread, reindeer roll and cured salmon on rieska

Smoked whitefish from Kukkola with sour cream sauce and potatoes
Grilled whitefish with 
white wine sauce and potatoes (only season)
Grilled salmon,
almond, and parsnip purée and lobster sauce
“Dopp i kopp”:
Smoked whitefish, cured salmon and fresh potatoes
Kukkola plate: 
Whitefish salad topped with roe, cured salmon with mustard sauce, cold smoked reindeer steak with horseradish cheese, cured whitefish and potatoes
Creamy sautéed reindeer 
with homemade lingonberry jam and potatoes
Reindeer fillet steak, 
almond potatoes, chèvre cake, and red wine sauce
roasted potatoes, and red wine sauce

BUFFET (min. 30 pers.)
Torne Valley buffet 
with a selection of cold and warm dishes, one main course, and coffee

Grilled Finnish “Coffee cheese” with cream and warm cloudberries

Vanilla ice cream with warm cloudberries