Culture Village
Whitefish festivities
Midnightsun. Picture was taken at 23:00
Day of the national rivers
Bring your towel with you
Midsummer party

23.6. Swedish midsummer at Kukkolaforsen

We celebrate Midsummer big in the Swedish way. The traditional delicacies of summer and Kukkolaforsen are tasted in the rich midsummer buffet. There are four seatings: at 13, 15, 17 and 19. The buffet is always sold out, so make a table reservation in time. Make your own flower wreath and wear a white dress, and you’ll blend in perfectly with the Swedish Midsummer tradition. At 16, the Midsummer pole is decorated and at 17 we dance and sing around the pole and celebrate the whole nightless night.

Admission to the event is free. Midsummer buffet 695 sek / adult, 347.50 sek / child 6-12 years.

22.6.-4.8. Kvarnkonst- Mill art exhibition in the old mills of the Culture Village

Jala Konst & Hantverksförening organizes the Kvarnkonst-Mill art exhibition in the wonderful old mills of the cultural village of Kukkolaforsen. The exhibition and artists change every two weeks, so it’s worth visiting several times. Exhibition is open every day at 11-17. You can even meet the artists and buy your favorite piece of art. The fishing museum is also open and free of charge. When the whitefish fishing season starts at the end of July, you can also watch either the construction of the fishing dam or the fishing men as they effortlessly lift the whitefish from the river. The restaurant is open daily, offering lunch or a la carte dinner, and there is a kiosk in the courtyard area where you can get smaller bites and ice cream.


Bring the towel-Thursdays in July

Open doors are held in the sauna area every Thursday in July from 15:00 to 18:00. Bring a friend and come to the sauna, the event is free of charge. There are five different saunas to try out. On the terrace you can admire the rapids from a hot tub or swing in the Kukkola beach. It is possible to buy a drink and a snack on the spot.


12-15.7. Culture days in Kukkolaforsen

Kukkolaforsen has cultural days every year, when we present our authentic cultural village. We present the building of fishing bridge, a water-powered sawmill, flour grinding, the fishing museum and the production of wood chips. The old home is open for viewing.

The program is still being updated.


The restaurant offers whitefish menu for those who have reserved a table, 295 sek / person, 147.50 sek / child 6-12.

SAUNA DAY – Thursday 13.7

“Bring the towel” SAUNA EVENING at 16-19 Finnish time

MILL DAY Friday 14.7.

TORNIOVALLEY DAY – Saturday 15.7

The official day of Torniovalley flag

Free entry.

29.-30.7. Whitefish festivities

After St. James’ Day (the last Sunday of July),is the time of the year when then whitefish is traveling upstream. For centuries the locals have celebrated the arrival of the whitefish with a harvest festival, to honor the whitefish on both the Swedish and Finnish side of Kukkolaforsen. People from far and near gathered to celebrate the wandering whitefish’s arrival and to enjoy the grilled and smoked whitefish. The party involves dancing, music and rafting.

The restaurant serves an excellent whitefish buffet including delicacies from Torniovalley.

Buffet 695 sek / time, 347.50 sek / child 6-12 years

29.7. Buffet at 13, 15, 17 and 19

You dance in the restaurant from 21:00 to 12:00

30.7. Buffet at 13, 15 and 17

Admission to the event is free. Make a table reservation for the buffet.


19.8. National Rivers Day

On National Rivers Day, we celebrate a free flowing river! Tornionjoki is Europe’s longest free-flowing, unharnessed river and an important spawning river for salmon and lampreys. The restaurant offers a 6-course menu with carefully selected wines at 18:30. SEK 995 menu + SEK 595 wine menu. A table reservation is essential.

After dark at 21:00, the torch-lit boats descend the rapids.

Admission to the event is free.


Table reservings: / +4692231000