Whitefish Festival 24-25/7 2021 

Jakobsmäss (The last Sunday in July) is the time of the year when then whitefish is traveling upstream. For centuries the locals have celebrated the arrival of the whitefish with a harvest festival, to honor the whitefish on both the Swedish and Finnish side of Kukkolaforsen.

People from far and near gathered to celebrate the wandering whitefish´s arrival and to enjoy the grilled and smoked whitefish.

Kukkolaforsen is surrounded by a lovely smell of fresh grilled and smoked whitefish. The whitefish is grilled in the traditional Kukkola way on a stick and over an open fire. Not many visitors can resist that. The whitefish festival is a culinary feast.

Even if the whitefish is the central part of the festival, it also offers a wide range of activities. Whitewater rafting is popular and there will be local artists, folk music, dance, and entertainment.