During summer, we have a smaller part of the restaurant that we call the Pörtet. In Tornio Valley Pörtet was the largest assembly room, in the cottage. In Pörtet we offer a simpler, yet equally tasty, menu. You can also order take away.

A la carte

Sandwich on Kukkola lingonberry bread


Salted cured rainbow trout 149:-
White fish salad 149:-
Cheese and ham 99:-




Smoked Kukkola white fish with sour cream sauce and potatoes.     G, L 239:-
Dip in cup. Traditional dish from Tornedalen.
Salt cured rainbow trout, smoked Kukkola white fish, Västerbotten cheese, boiled potatoes, herb oil and butter cup with onion and herbs. G, LL
Kukkola burger (choose between beef, salmon or vegetarian) served with pickled red onion, crispy salad, Västerbotten cheese, tomato, root vegetable chips, garlic sauce and coleslaw.  LL

(can be ordered with chili sauce)







Cold smoked rainbow trout, horseradish cream, mix of mozzarella and cheddar topped with Nordica mix. 155:-
Norrland kebab: shredded reindeer meat, tomato sauce, mix of mozarella and cheddar served with garlic sauce. 155:-
Ham pizza: tomato sauce, ham, mix of mozzarella and cheddar. 125:-
Veg pizza: tomato sauce, peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives, mix of mozzarella and cheddar. (vegan on request) 125:-
Seaweed caviar: red seaweed caviar, horseradish cream, mix of mozarella and cheddar, mixed green leaves and roasted sunflower seeds. Veg 130:-
White fish caviar pizza with crème fraiche, potatoes and red onion. 395:-


Children menu


Pancakes 3 pcs/6 pcs with cream and jam. 69:-/99:-
Meatballs 6 pcs/12 pcs with cream sauce, mashed potatoes and lingonberry. G, L 69:-/99:-




Raspberry sorbet and raspberry sauce, whipped cream, served with fresh fruit.
L, (vegan on request)

Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and cloudberries.  (glutenfree on request)




Many of our dishes can be adapted if you need a special diet.


LL-low lactose               L-lactose free                 Vegan –no animal products

G-gluten-free                 M-milk-free                    Veg –lacto-ovo-vegetarian


Ring for take-away: +4692231000